Baby Gear Rental – Complete Guide to Save Money

Sure, having your own set of baby gear is more affordable in the long term. However, when it comes to packing for a trip, getting on a plane, and going from a place to another with a stroller, car seat, crib, and many more, rental sounds like a more convenient idea. 

If you find yourself searching for “stroller rental near me” or “ baby crib rental near me,” you’ve come to the right place. We’ve made a list of baby gear rental places and distributed it geographically so that you can find one close to you wherever your next trip is going to be.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Baby Gear

Before we dig into the places where you can rent your baby equipment and vacation gear, let’s give you a few reasons why this idea is worth the extra bucks, especially if you have more than one kid. 

1. More Peace of Mind

Admit it! How many times have you traveled and found out you forgot one of your items at home, or worse, at someplace in the airport?

No matter how many times you check your traveling list while packing, you’re bound to forget something. But if that thing is one of your baby’s equipment, your trip might feel like it’s coming to an end sooner than planned. 

best baby gear rental websites

Renting baby equipment takes the stress of forgetting an item off your shoulders and leaves you to enjoy your trip with more peace of mind. 

2. No Worrying About Damaged Gear

Baby gear is expensive. You might have already saved a lot of money to get them in the first place, and replacing them isn’t an option, so you don’t want them to get damaged or broken while carrying them around the overcrowded airports and from one checkpoint to the other. 

No Worrying About Damaged Gear

Renting baby equipment means you get to travel care-free and only worry about the gear in the calm of the hotel you’re staying in and your little adventures inside the new city.

3. Convenient Delivery

To elaborate more on the previous point, one of the best things about renting baby equipment is that you get to schedule the time and place of delivery with the rental company, whether it’s in the airport once you land, in the hotel, or any area you desire. The same goes with sending the gear back.

Convenient Delivery

4. Versatility in Choices

Babies are demanding! Your little one may refuse to sleep in nothing but an oversized cot and throw a tantrum if you try to feed them in anything but a high chair. As you’ve already guessed, these aren’t the type of things you can travel with. 

baby gear rental Versatility in Choices

However, thanks to the versatility of options baby gear companies offer, you’ll always have a variety to choose from–whatever your precious one needs, you’ll find it there.

5. Clean and Hygienic Gear

Clean and Hygienic Gear

Finally, if you’re worried about the hygienic state of the gear, rest assured that rental companies understand how sensitive your baby is and how their immune system is still developing. That’s why they sanitize the equipment thoroughly and make sure it’s spotless before you receive it.

Baby Equipment Rental Across Different Countries

To make your search easier, we’ve listed the best rental companies according to the region so that you can scroll down to the place you’re traveling to and pick the service you feel comfortable with in a few seconds. 

Baby Gear Rental in USA

  • Big Boys Toys: From baby cribs and car seats to high chairs, strollers, and toys, you can get all the equipment you need for your next trip in Bozeman and Montana from here.
  • Hoosier Baby: If your next destination is the Midwestern United States, you can find all the baby gear you need in Hoosier Baby, which is based in Indiana.
  • Anything for Baby: Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company doesn’t only provide rental strollers and cribs but also everything your kid might be interested in, like tricycles, ride-on toys, and scooters. 
  • BabyQuip: No matter where you are in the U.S., BabyQuip will bring you all the baby equipment and traveling rentals you need, clean, sanitized, and at affordable prices. 
  • 3 Peas Baby Gear Rental: For parents looking for posh cribs, high-end strollers, and brand-name travel beds in Phoenix and Scottsdale, you can order all you need from 3 Peas Baby Gear Rental. 
  • Toddler’s Travels: With a new location near the airport, Toddler’s Travels serves the whole of San Diego, California.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Store: The company provides clothing, toys, strollers, high chairs, cribs, and car seats for kids of all ages everywhere in Florida.
  • Island Baby: For those traveling to St. John, in the Virgin Islands, Island Baby rents beds, high chairs, cribs, and strollers. Also, if you like hiking and want your baby to tag along, you can get the hiking baby backpack carrier provided by the company. 
  • Posh Baby Equipment: Another company serving Florida, Posh Baby Equipment provides many fancy car seats, strollers, and bouncers for your precious little one.
  • Baby Borrow Rental: One of the biggest and most reputable companies that serve South Florida, Baby Borrow Rental is your safe and reliable choice for clean, hygienic, and high-quality car seats, high chairs, carriers, bouncy seats, pack ‘n plays, baby baths, and many more.
  • Travelin Baby: Available in numerous states across the U.S., Travelling Baby will deliver you the baby gear you want, whether you’re staying in a hotel, renting an apartment, or crashing at your family’s place. 

Baby Gear Rental in Canada

  • BabyQuip: Fortunately, the world-class rental company also serves many spots in Canada and is planning to expand more as we’re talking. The company is best known for its awesome customer service and its meticulous attention to the cleanliness and sanitation of its products. 

Baby Gear Rental in Middle East

  • RentNisrael: Get your baby stroller, car seat, feeding chair, and many more delivered to your desired destination in any place in Israel without extra shipping charges.

Baby Gear Rental in  Europe

  • Mami Poppins: The Europe-wide service delivers baby equipment to the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, and Spain.
  • EasyTravelKids: Make your trip to Spain way easier and more comfortable with the safe, sanitary, and insured baby gear that EasyTravelKids provides. 
  • Babyrental: Families heading to Bulgaria can use Babyrental to cover their kids’ needs.
  • Bebenaem: Another option for Bulgaria travelers! 
  • Baby Travel: For your next vacation in Bucharest, Romania, you can get all the gear you need from the fast, secure, and meticulous Baby Travel.
  • Baby GoLightly: Things can’t be easier in Denmark! Just call Baby GoLightly, and they’ll deliver your gear before you arrive. Leaving? Just drop off the gear at the airport.
  • Let’s Go Baby: Start your hassle and worry-free vacation in Portugal and call Let’s Go Baby to deliver all your baby’s gear.
  • Little Travelers Croatia: Yeah, Croatia! The company has an entire catalog of baby gear that you can choose from and offers fast delivery to all addresses.
  • Travelbaby: Traveling to Rome is now easier with Travelbaby’s strollers, kids’ tricycles, cribs, and toys that you can get delivered to the hotel you’re staying in without extra charges. 
  • MamaRent: Considering Padova or Venice, instead? Don’t worry! MamaRent serves these spots in Italy.
  • Babonbo: Looking for a wider range of delivery in Italy? Enjoy Babonbo service!
  • Santorini Travel Tots: For those traveling to Greece, Santorini is there to help with all the strollers, travel cots, and child seats you might need.
  • Hiremebaby: Whether you’re planning to visit Bristol, Somerset, or any location in South West England, you can leave the baby gear for Hiremebaby to take care of.
  • Airtots: Enjoy the ancient city and get your posh baby gear delivered to your hotel in London before you even check-in by using Aritots service.
  • Toddogo: Improve your family’s mobility in Munich, Germany, by renting your baby gear from Toddogo!
  • Rent4Baby: We haven’t forgotten Romania visitors! You can rent strollers, toys, car seats, and everything that comes into your mind from Rent4Baby.

Baby Gear Rental in Latin America

  • Baja Baby Gear: Based in Los Cabos, Mexico, the company provides all that your little one needs in your next vacation. 
  • Kangoolite: Another baby rental company in Mexico City, Kangoolite guarantees you a convenient trip with their safe and top-class rental equipment.
  • Tico Friends: Enjoy the dazzling sea in Costa Rica without worrying about bringing all your baby gear and rent it from Tico Friends at competitive prices. 
  • TokTok: Looking to save even more cash? TokTok offers all the toys and equipment your kid would enjoy in Mexico with zero delivery charges and pick-up fees.

Now You’re All Set for Baby Gear Rental !

Overpacking is one of the worst things you can do while traveling, but with a kid or two at hand, you might think you have no other choice. Well, actually, you have!

Instead of thinking about a way to pack a large travel crib and double car seat and stroller, you can just leave them behind and rent similar equipment and many more in the city you’re traveling to from any of the companies mentioned above. 

Not only will you have more space in your suitcases to pack other important stuff, but you’ll also have less luggage to tote around the busy airports.

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