Beach Babies: The Must-Haves For Your Water Baby

Let us help you pack for your next beach vacation so you don’t have to worry about what to bring! With these essentials, you’ll be sure to keep your child safe, secure, and entertained!

Taking a baby to the beach can be a stressful experience, but why?

To top things off, you’ll have to deal with the heat and the sun while trying to unwind. However, some beach essentials for babies may make your trip to the beach a little easier, even if you don’t want to bring anything extra.

In addition to a bottle or snack and a diaper bag full of essentials, you’ll want to bring a few extras, such as natural baby wipes, to make your baby comfortable and safe while you’re out and about.

Then there’s the matter of lugging all of your belongings. If you don’t have a beach cart, you can’t go wrong with any of the baby-centric items we’ve rounded up for you in this section.

Here’s a comprehensive checklist of the must-haves for your water baby:

Beach Bag

You don’t want to carry all the sand on the beach back to your home in your bag, do you?

Make sure your beach trip does not require additional tasks like cleaning your bag. You can invest in a beach bag to avoid such tasks. You do not have to carry multiple bags; instead, you can take all baby’s beach toys in this one bag.

A beach bag with a wide opening makes storing all your belongings conveniently and simultaneously dish them out when needed. Above all, you don’t have to compromise on the number of beach accessories you carry.

You’ll want to keep your baby amused at all times! For us, the beach provides plenty of entertainment; however, our baby may be looking for something a little more.

Keep your child entertained by packing their favorite toys (as well as beach toys like small buckets and shovels) in your beach bag.

beach babies

Baby Swim Diapers

Good quality swim diapers give your baby the comfort to move around freely in the water.

A few companies like Little Toes offer natural swim diapers that are free from Chlorine, Alcohol, and Latex. A few others have double-locking patterns that protect them from any potential accidents. Above all, your baby won’t feel bulky and can walk, run, and swim leisurely.

They offer gentle or flexible alcohol, latex, and chlorine-free fabric. They are easy to pull up so that your baby can walk and swim around at the beach in these diapers. Besides, with easy tear-away sides, baby swim diapers are easy to change and can be done in a few quick moments.

Beach Mats

You can’t go wrong with a baby mat on the beach! They’re small, portable, and ideal for letting your child explore the world independently. In addition, these mats give room for your baby to play in their comfort zone. Above all, removing sand from these mats is convenient, and carrying them almost on every beach trip.

After a long day at the beach, you can easily remove the sand from these towels because they aren’t too light. In addition, if it’s your baby’s first time at the beach, these mats are ideal for taking pictures!

Sand-free beach mats (like this one) or a towel can be used as an alternative to baby mats. But, in the end, removing the sand from towels is much more difficult!

Beach Tents

A baby, especially one crawling, will need more than just an umbrella. Consider a product like a beach tent. You can put your baby in there and let them crawl around, relax, and even nap.

Even if you’re on your own, it’s a cinch to put this together, and just as simple to take it down. Wind-resistant, the “windscreen” can be left up or rolled down, depending on your preference. Sandbags keep them from flying away in the wind.

Baby Sunscreen

Of course, the most important thing you need for your baby is good sunscreen to protect their skin and prevent sunburn. Natural Baby Sunscreens are a favorite among parents due to their high-quality ingredients and featherweight texture, which contribute to their efficacy.

They can be water resistant for up to 80 minutes, free of chemicals—and have an SPF of more than 50. They are safe for coral reefs, easy to apply, and quickly absorbed.

Extra Pair Of Clothes

Depending on your preference, you and your family can either eat at a beachside restaurant or drive home after a day at the beach. Ensure that you and your children have a variety of cozy, easy-to-wear outfits with you!

If you’re staying at a beachfront resort or hotel, you’ll likely be provided with beach towels. Beach towels are provided free of charge for guests who are registered. You can carry these microfiber beach towels in your beach bag because they are sand-free and lightweight.


When a baby is older, baby food and snacks are essential! Carry small jars of baby food in your diaper bag or buy pre-made baby food from the supermarket. If you don’t have one, bring it!

There are days when your baby may not eat anything while at the beach, but at the same time, you have to be mindful that they might need something to munch on at any given time. You don’t want to ruin your beach trip, so some satisfying munchies might just be helpful.

Create Beach Memories

A final piece of advice is to have fun and cherish the time you spend together with your baby at the beach. Making sand castles and playing in the water with your loved ones can be great fun.

Spending quality time with your babies is important because they will no longer be toddlers or infants again. Therefore, you must make the most of these days until they last and frequent beach trips. Then, you can see whether your water baby is ready for more trips and different beaches.

Sharon Fried Buchalter

Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter Ph.D., is a distinguished clinical psychologist, life coach, and public speaker who has worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist and clinical social worker. She received the highest accreditation as a board-certified diplomate-fellow in advanced child and adolescent psychology. She has spent her lifetime educating, enlightening and empowering parents and children of all ages. She has developed revolutionary tools to help couples, parents, and families achieve happiness and success. Her first book Children Are People Too, provides eight essential steps designed to strengthen families and empower parents to be their own child's life coach and mentor. Her second book New Parents Are People Too, provides relationship advice for couples entering parenthood for the first time. She is also the founder and owner of Products On The Go and Little Toes.

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