7 Tips bringing a baby stroller on plane and flying with a baby

​Traveling with a toddler or an infant can be tricky, particularly where a stroller is involved. The mere thought of having to pack such a big-ticket item is overwhelming, however it is a rite of passage that traveling parents must endure. One of the main questions most first-time-flying parents are wondering is “can I bring a baby stroller on plane”?

Yes, you can, and we will be telling you a bit more in this article.

How to bring baby stroller on plane

Children that are younger than two years old and held by a parent usually travel at ten to thirty percent of the adult’s fare (standard airlines), or on destination-based tickets (lower cost airlines) are not permitted to any baggage allowance, or it might be restricted.

Flight tickets for kids aged up to twelve years old, are generally twenty-five to thirty percent cheaper than the tickets for adults. Such young passengers are permitted to equal or slightly lower free baggage allowances.

Generally, you are allowed to bring a foldable baby stroller with you at no additional charge. Kids can be transported in the strollers throughout the entire airport. But strollers must be checked when you get to the gate. 

​Can ​I bring baby stroller on plane ?

No strollers are usually permitted as carry-on baggage, irrespective of the size. The stroller will be given to you at the aircraft door upon your request at your destination or connecting city. It is a lot easier to move around the airport with a stroller before boarding for your flight. 

Gate checking your stroller means that it is not checked with your bags, however, instead at the gate, just before boarding the plane. Be sure to ask the gate attendant to give you a baggage ticket once you arrive at the gate and attach it on the stroller. 

Keep in mind that the regulations regarding baggage allowances for kids differ from one airline to the next.

Is baby stroller allowed in flight

Is baby stroller allowed in flight ?

A baby stroller is generally kept in the hold of the plane. You can take it right up to the aircraft steps where the flight attendant will take it to be stored in the hold. You must carry your baby to the plane entrance. The stroller will be given to you immediately after landing.

A stroller is counted towards your cabin baggage allowance according to your class of travel (for instance, a foldable, compact lightweight stroller is counted as one cabin bag). A stroller must be folded and packed into the carrier bag before boarding.

You are not allowed to open and use the stroller in the aircraft cabin. Bringing a stroller on a plane does have some disadvantages. If you check it in with your luggage, it may sustain damage and you will need to wait for it to come out of the airplane after arriving at your destination. 

In some instances where the stroller is checked at the gate, and it is handed to you after arrival, you still must wait around before catching your next flight or at the luggage carousel.

Traveling with a baby on your lap

You typically have two choices when traveling with a baby under two years old by plane. You can book a separate seat for your baby and secure him or her in a child safety seat (generally from the age of six months), or you can keep your baby on your lap.

The second choice is much more affordable (ten to thirty percent of the adult’s fare or fixed depending on the destination) and in some cases, even free. This will usually incur varied baggage allowance, infants are not permitted any checked-in luggage, or the allowance might be restricted.

A baby stroller or basket carrier can usually be checked as hold baggage without any extra charge. You can request a safety harness on board. This should be fastened when the “fasten seatbelt” sign comes on.

Using a car safety seat on board

It is usually possible, and recommended, for kids to travel in a car safety seat on board a plane. Similar to traveling by car, seatbelts are designed with safety in mind and provides the same security that an appropriate restraint system does.

If you are using a child safety seat on the plane, ensure it is appropriate for aircraft use. It must have a label with a specific symbol. If the car seat doesn’t fit correctly into the aircraft seat, it can be kept in the hold at an additional charge.

Some airlines permit the use of safety seats up until a specific age, for instance, kids up to three years old.

Bringing baby food in carry-on luggage on board and priority landing

Parents can bring baby food on board, since the standard rule on liquids for carry-on luggage is not applicable to food, water, or milk for infants.

However, parents might have to taste the baby food at the security check before boarding. Most airlines are equipped with microwaves on board and you can request that they heat up bottles. 

Typically, families with small children are encouraged to board first, so they get seated before the rest of the passengers board the plane.

bringing baby stroller on plane

Useful tips for bringing a baby stroller on plane

Ultimately, the decision of whether you will be bringing a stroller on a plane or not, boils down to both your preference and requirements. However, these tips can make your life somewhat easier when flying with a baby.

  • If you must bring a stroller to transport your baby or child comfortably and quickly at the airport, consider taking a baby carrier. This way you will have both hands free and it is more comfortable to handle when on board or at the airport.

  • If you are bringing a stroller primarily for use at the destination, then think about alternative options like renting a stroller upon arrival or borrowing a stroller from family or friends that you’re visiting. It will save you the hassle of having to deal with a stroller prior and after the flight at the airport. This way you won’t have to risk your stroller getting damaged after check in.

  • If you’re leaning towards bringing a stroller, make sure you bring the smallest type of stroller that you can possibly get away with. It is easier to handle a collapsible umbrella stroller than the larger types. The regulations and policies for bringing strollers can vary from one airline to the next.

Bonus tips for flying with a baby

  • ​​Try to book a direct flight or a flight with a longer layover.
  • Be sure to visit the airport restroom for a diaper change before the flight.
  • Take advantage of the pre-boarding option for parents with young children.
  • It is best to purchase a separate seat for your baby or child.
  • Remember to gate check your baby equipment.
  • Consider baby gear rentals for travel.
  • Keep your baby securely buckled.
  • Bring at least double your baby necessities.
  • Dress in layers when traveling.
  • Remember to pack an additional change of clothing for yourself and baby.
  • Remember to bring your baby’s medication, if needed.
  • Distract your baby during the flight to keep him or her happy.
  • Don’t mind the haters on the plane.

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