Do Baby Strollers Expire?

Many parents who just had their second baby keep wondering whether they can use their first baby’s stroller or not. Doing so would not only save space and the time they’d spend searching for a new one, but also a considerable sum of money that they can use for buying other baby items they need.

Wondering if baby strollers have an expiration date isn’t a question that only second-time parents ask, but also those who don’t want to spend a huge sum of money buying a new one.

So, do baby strollers expire? The good news is that they don’t and can be used for many years, but there are certain factors that you should check before buying a used one and before deciding to use that of your firstborn once again. But let’s first find out why they don’t expire. 

How Can You Be Sure That Baby Strollers Don’t Expire? 

As a parent, you put your children’s safety first before anything, and that’s why we figured that you’d love to find a logical reason that would convince you that strollers don’t come with an expiry date.

How Can You Be Sure That Baby Strollers Don't Expire?

If a milk bottle passed its expiry date, it wouldn’t be safe to drink it. Yet, if a stroller is used for ten years, but it’s parts are still good, wouldn’t it still be safe to use? The answer is yes. So, why not use it and save your money?

What’s a Stroller’s Primary Use? 

The main reason parents buy and need strollers is for convenience. Strollers make it suitable and possible for you to run errands, and if you’re carrying your child, your hands won’t be free to do anything else. 

Moreover, a stroller provides you with an extra storage space where you can put their baby’s toys, food, and even some of the bags and items whenever you go shopping. Plus, you can exercise and run while strolling your baby. That way, both of you will be having fun and enjoying the sun. It also protects your baby from harmful sun rays. 

And don’t compare strollers to car seats because they’re very different in the sense that car seats come with expiration dates because they’re safety gadgets. Consequently, you can’t overlook any damages, or you’ll be exposing your kid to danger. 

What's a Stroller's Primary Use

On the other hand, the worst thing that could happen if a stroller comes with a locked wheel, for example, is that the ride won’t be as smooth as you’d wish it would be. Moreover, most of the stroller parts, including the canopy, handlebars, fabric, wheels, braking system, and pneumatic tires, can be replaced at a much lower price than buying a new one.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Secondhand Stroller

While it’s true that strollers can be used for many years, there are still certain factors that you must check and consider before buying a used one. Let’s check them out.

  • You must try the stroller yourself to check if its tires work properly or not, so you can enjoy smooth walks with your loved little one. Don’t buy a used stroller just because it looks nice.
  • Make sure the tires aren’t loose to avoid any accidents.
  • You must purchase one with a wheel lock that works well because you don’t want the stroller to run away from you and risk your child’s life.
  • Read through reviews of the stroller’s brand. See what other parents say about it because it’s always more honest than what the manufacturer says in their advertisements.
  • Make sure that you can repair any damaged parts if any.
  • Don’t buy a stroller with wheels that can’t withstand pressure.
  • Examine the stroller for any stains or cuts in the fabric.
  • Make sure the safety straps can be safely secured.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you’re now convinced that you can put your baby in a used stroller with no worries at all. This is excellent news because you can now save money without feeling guilty. We advise you to check all the essential factors we stated above before buying a secondhand stroller.

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