Home Birth – The Luxury of Having a Baby at Home

Some medical experts express frustration with a medical system that does not work for women or many birth care providers. Therefore, they suggest giving birth outside the hospital as an alternative. Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Royal College of Midwives in the United Kingdom and the Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian colleges of midwives support homebirth in uncomplicated pregnancy cases. Birth-related decisions mainly surround safety. During the pandemic of COVID-19, people started preferring the homebirth option.

As hospitals began to implement COVID restrictions, an increasing number of child carriers chose to be supported during labor by their partners in their private homes rather than face birth alone in hospitals. Planned home birth has many benefits, including a decreased risk of complications for the mother (such as postpartum hemorrhage or perineal lacerations) and a decreased likelihood of medical interventions (such as an episiotomy, instrumental vaginal delivery, or cesarean section). Women who choose a home birth report higher happiness levels because they can give birth in their own homes and feel more in charge of the situation.

Many wealthy countries’ birth rates have risen dramatically during the past few decades. In addition, articles about home births have appeared in mainstream publications. 24/7 access to skilled midwives is available through Glory birth Midwives are available for urgent calls and texts around the clock. This essay will make an effort to address the question of whether or not giving birth at home poses any health risks to the mother.

Why do some people choose planned home births?

People are choosing homebirths due to many reasons and some of them are the following;

  • Less Expensive:

As the poverty rate is increasing day by day in some countries and the births in hospitals are becoming costly as well. For the sake of avoiding hospital expenditures, people are preferring homebirths.

  • Dissatisfaction with Hospital Care:

Some people express frustration with a medical system that does not work for women or many birth care providers. Because of this frustration with the medical care system, people choose homebirth over hospital birth.

  • Lack of access to transportation:

As everyone does not enjoy the facility of a nearby hospital some people live far away. Due to this reason, people are resorting to homebirth solutions.

Having a Baby at Home

Advantages of Homebirth

Some of the most common reasons why people choose to have their babies at home range from either a more holistic view or feeling more comfortable at home.

  • High chances of vaginal birth 

The ratio of C-Section birth is increasing these days. Doctors often to save time or for making more money do caesareans. The World Health Organization (WHO) has released new research showing that caesarean sections are now performed in more than one in five (21%) deliveries worldwide.

Familiar and Comfortable Atmosphere

Homebirth become very easy and comfortable because of the familiar setting of home. Besides this, giving birth at home can give the patient a lot of time to spend with the baby after delivery.

  • Less Use of Medication:

Doctors in hospitals use a lot of medication on the patients which is often not necessary. Midwives at home do not use excess medications for the delivery process.

  • Prenatal Care:

Another advantage of planning home birth is that now certified midwives also provide prenatal care to mothers-to-be. This prenatal care includes blood tests, urine test strips, blood pressure monitoring, listening to fetal heart sounds, measuring uterine growth, and palpating your abdomen to determine the amount of amniotic fluid, size, and position of your baby.

  • 24/7 emergency calls:

Glory birth team of midwives provides 24-hour service to patients. They are well-equipped to deal with emergency conditions. They also provide postpartum care to patients.

  • Less Costly:

Giving birth at home is more affordable than giving birth in a hospital. Home births were more popular during the pandemic because they were cheaper despite the worsening economy and rising poverty rates. Pregnant women have the option of giving birth at low-cost facilities.

Last word

In sum, there are generally positive mother outcomes associated with planned home delivery. Having a home birth requires less medical intervention and fewer complications for low-risk mothers. Midwives who deliver babies at home have access to all the necessary drugs, herbs, and medical equipment to handle any unexpected difficulties.

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