How to Cover Stroller in Rain

Being a parent doesn’t mean that you can’t do all the crazy things you used to and loved to do when you didn’t have kids. In other words, you still have the means to enjoy the rain with the baby, which doubles the fun! 

In this article, we’ll tell you how to cover stroller in rain and what you should do to keep your baby safe and not expose them to the risk of getting sick. 

How to Choose a Cover for the Stroller

How to Choose a Cover for the Stroller

Some strollers come with their rain cover, and these strollers are usually the sturdy, highly recommended ones. However, if your stroller doesn’t come with a cover, you can buy one. Here are some of the essential factors that you should consider.

Proper Ventilation 

As parents, we always want the best for our kids, but we must make sure that we don’t overdo it. For example, you might think that to keep the baby safe and 100% out of the water; you should cover the entire stroller. But that’s not true, and it may actually be unsafe to deprive them of air. 

Instead, you could buy a ventilated cover. Some of the best stroller covers have a window that you can open for your baby to breathe fresh air. Moreover, some covers come with small holes that allow for airflow but aren’t big enough for water to get through them.


It goes without saying that the cover you buy must be waterproof, or else you’ll just be wasting your money. Make sure you pick one of high-quality material that doesn’t let water in. 


It would be charming for the baby if you buy a transparent cover to allow them to watch all the gorgeous scenery while you stroll.

It’ll also work in your favor because kids tend to cry and get cranky when they’re bored, so when they can watch the streets around them, you’ll spend more quality time together.

Tips on How to Keep Your Baby Safe in the Rain 

While having fun out during the rainy season, you need to be well-prepared, and not just by the rain cover. These are some of the things you can do for your baby to keep them safe.

  • Make sure they wear heavy clothes.
  • Cover their limbs; for example, make them wear a pair of gloves and a warm sock if their feet are too tiny for shoes.
  • Bring an extra jacket with you in case it gets colder, and they need an extra layer on them, or if they spill anything on the one they’re wearing.
  • Always have hot drinks and food with you because this weather will surely make them hungry more often than they usually are. 

How to Store Your Stroller Outside

If you don’t have room to store your baby stroller inside the house, you’ll be obliged to keep it outside, regardless of the weather. So, the question is: how do you keep it outside and still protect it from rain and rust? Let’s see some ideas together. 

How to Store Your Stroller Outside

Car Boot 

If you have a car, you can keep your stroller inside its truck. That way, it’ll be out of harm’s reach, it won’t rust, and thieves won’t think of it as an easy target. 


You can store the stroller in a bike tent in your garden, for example. While this is a good idea and helps you save space, you must know that rain might reach the stroller if the tent isn’t waterproof. Moreover, it might be easy for thieves to steal it.

Final Thoughts 

Regardless of the weather condition, you and your baby can enjoy a lovely walk outside your house. All you need to do is buy a high-quality stroller cover that would allow for air ventilation, and you’re good to go.

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