How Long Does a Baby Use a Bassinet Stroller?

Every parent knows that they’ll need to make a few vital purchasing decisions before their newborn arrives. One of these purchases is a bassinet stroller, which many people swear by when it comes to keeping babies safe.

Add to that, they can be very portable, comfortable, and very practical when used outside, especially if you get one of the models with a bassinet that can be converted to a toddler seat.

How long does a baby use a bassinet stroller, though? And why will your baby need one? Stick around to the end of this guide to know.

The Short Answer

All newborns are in dire need of a bassinet stroller. So, if your baby is 0-6 months old, you’ll definitely need to get a bassinet stroller, particularly if you’re planning to take your baby outside.

how long does a baby use a bassinet stroller

That said, most babies use basic bassinet strollers for 3-6 months (some people even use it up to 7 months). 

Of course, that depends on two factors: the baby’s age and the size of the bassinet. Your baby is likely to outgrow their bassinet stroller once they hit seven months old. However, because bassinet strollers are highly versatile nowadays, convertible models can be used for more than two years.

Types of Strollers According to a Toddler’s Age

As we mentioned earlier, a bassinet stroller can only be used for 3-6 months, depending on your toddler’s growth and the bassinet size. However, if you get one of the customizable models, you’ll be able to convert your bassinet stroller to a regular one, which means your baby will be able to use it for a longer duration after the original 6-month period.

how long can baby use bassinet stroller

This also means that you can save an extra few bucks if you buy a convertible model. However, since these models have various features, you might not be sure which one will suit your needs best. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

0-6 Months

If you’re planning to buy a different stroller in the future, then you can get a non-convertible model that only has foldable capabilities and adjustable handles. These are the cheapest types out there, and they’re efficient for as long as your baby will need them.

6-12 Months

After six months, your baby will need more support to sit up properly. If you want to get a bassinet stroller and use it for a whole year, you should get a convertible model. A roomy bassinet stroller with extra cushioning and different recline positions will accommodate your growing child. 

Make sure that the stroller of your choice comes with a harness to keep your child secure. Also, you should refrain from using the bassinet position when your baby is over six months.

18-24 Months

If you’re planning on getting a stroller that can be used for more than a year, you might want to consider a durable, sturdy model with a five-point harness to secure your baby, as they tend to move around more when they grow older. The stroller should also have a smooth set of wheels for easier navigation. 

Since you might want to hold your baby’s hand while walking, you’ll need to steer the stroller with the other hand, so the wheels should be as smooth and well-balanced. Of course, you’ll need your stroller to come with a handful of recline positions to match your baby’s growth in the span of two years.

Extra Features to Consider before buying a bassinet stroller

Irrespective of what model you choose to get, you need to consider some features to make life much easier for you and your baby. Here are some of them.

Extra Features to Consider

Sun Protection

As much as knowing how long a baby can use a bassinet stroller is essential, you still have to look out for the sun when you’re outside with your toddler. It’s true that you can easily use a blanket to shield your baby; however, by getting a stroller with a big canopy that has UV protective properties, you’ll be able to protect your child no matter how old they are.

Car Seat

Some strollers, like travel systems, come with several attachments: a reclining seat or an infant-only car seat, or both. Car seats can be tremendously convenient if you happen to travel around a lot with your car. 

You can find strollers and car seats in matching sets. However, if you buy them separately, you might have to purchase an attachment to affix the car seat to the stroller base.

Handlebar Adjustability

This is an essential feature, especially if your partner is taller than you. An adjustable handlebar should accommodate both you and your husband’s height so you won’t have to struggle while strolling your little one outside.

Bottom Line on How Long Does a Baby Use a Bassinet Stroller

As we’ve seen, when it comes to the question of how long a baby uses a bassinet stroller, the answer isn’t exactly straightforward. The norm is 3-6 months, but thanks to the presence of convertible bassinet models, babies can use bassinets for even more than two years. 

Yet, remember that a lot of elements come into play when it comes to choosing an appropriate bassinet stroller for your little one, so make sure to factor in your baby’s age, budget, and personal preferences to make a well-informed decision.

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