Safety Tips For Kids When Riding A Scooter

Scooter fascinates the kids more than any other ride-on toys ever made. That is because they get immense happiness by riding it. But this tiny and straightforward toy can become dangerous sometimes.

Do you know that?

Some recent studies found that toy-related injuries and dramatically increased within the last decade. According to a publication of Clinical Pediatrics, scooters are apparently responsible for more than 40% of all injuries that lead a kid to the emergency room.

The above statics may hold you back from allowing your kid to ride the scooter. But wait, you shouldn’t stop your kid from using a kid scooter entirely. A scooter is safe as per as it is used in a righteous way following the safety rules.

Today we will discuss some of the most crucial scooter safety tips for kids scooter which need to be followed while riding a scooter to be safe.

safety tips for kids when riding a scooter

1. Choose The Right Scooter

Scooter comes in different size and equipped with various features to accommodate the riders of different ages. Such as, scooters which are built for toddlers of 2 to 4 years old usually come with three wheels while the scooter for the more aged kids comes with two wheels.

Moreover, the size and design of the handlebar also change depending on the age of the kids. It is highly essential to pick the right scooter according to the age of the kid so that he can comfortably balance on it. Kids will find it hard to ride if the wrong scooter has been chosen and it can even lead him to injury as he will not be able to balance on it properly.

2. Wear Safety Kits While Riding Kids Scooters

It is highly essential to wear safety kits for the kids while riding a scooter. Kid’s body is more vulnerable to injuries, and a minor falling from the scooter can lead them to severe injuries. Wearing the protective gears ensure the safety of the sensitive areas of the kid’s body which mostly tend to injury when the kids fall.

The first and foremost safety gear that the kid must wear is the helmet. Then if possible equip him with other kits such as knee pads, wrist guards, shin guards, etc. A pair of thick and closed-toed shoes will also be a good addition for extra safety.

3. Teach Him To Operate The Scooter Properly

Most of the scooter comes with a smooth and simple operation. However, it is still important to teach him the proper way of operating the scooter. If you have a smaller kid who is not so active physically, then you must show him the correct way of riding the scooter.

Introduce him with the different parts of the scooter and let him know how to use them properly. Let him know the basic rules of riding a scooter. Then allow him to practice on the indoor for practical knowledge of riding. After that, you can allow him to ride in the yards or nearby outdoor areas.

4. Teach Him To Use The Brake

Almost all the kid scooters nowadays are equipped with a brake. A different variation of the scooter comes with different type of braking mechanism. Some are equipped with a hand brake when the other has foot brakes.

The hand brakes are typically operated from the handlebar and require a strong hand grip from the kids. As a result, it is a little bit harder and confusing for the smaller kids to operate it.

On the other hand, the foot brakes are generally equipped in the rear wheel and require a push of the foot for braking. Compared with the hand brakes, the foot brakes are much intuitive.

The kid should wear proper shoes while riding a scooter with foot brakes for braking smoothly. Choose the right type of brakes according to the convenience of the kid.

5. Check The Scooter Regularly

A kid scooter is too a type of vehicle and requires regular maintenance as like as the other vehicles. Scooters are constructed with a large number of components, and it is not unusual for these components to become defective on a long term regular use.

The faulty parts can even break the scooter while riding and can cause severe injuries to the kid. The maintenance of the scooter can include cleaning, lubricating, tightening the bolts. Cleaning not only keeps the scooter safe but also ensures long-term usability.

Besides, lubricating the bearing the scooters make it easier, smoother, and comfortable to ride. Scooters go through vibrations every day as an impact of the encounters with the ground which in the long run loosens the bolts. Tightening the bolts keep the scooter from the risk of stripping in the middle of a ride.

A scooter when safely operated can be a great companion of your kid. Hopefully, the above tips will keep your kid safe on the scooter as well as enhance his scooting experience.


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