When can baby sit in stroller?

I bet as a new parent you are eager for your little one to migrate to his car seat or stroller. Maybe you’ve already bought a travel system but are unsure about when your baby can sit in his stroller. Strollers are available in many different types and are equipped with various features.

One thing we can all agree on. They are an indispensable part of any baby collection when it comes to baby essentials. 

However, the question about when your baby can start using them is something that needs to be delved a little deeper into.

When can baby sit in stroller ? - Things you need to Consider

The appropriate age for a baby to start using a stroller varies from one child to the next. There is, one invariable though. Your baby must be capable of holding up and supporting his own head before you can even start considering putting him in a sitting position in a stroller.

Certain strollers are designed for use from birth, for instance, a bassinet stroller, where a baby is in an entirely laid-back position. These do not recline completely and are typically not used for infants under the age of three months. This is generally the age where a baby no longer relies on his parents to support his head. 

Just bear in mind that each baby is different, and some develop quicker or slower than others. Always use you are the guidance from healthcare advisors and your own judgment to decide when your baby is ready to sit in his stroller. Never underestimate your parental instincts.

When can you put baby in stroller without car seat

Helpful guidelines when selecting a stroller

1.    Weight and size of the stroller

Keep in mind where you will be taking and keeping the stroller. Look at the stroller’s dimensions when unfolded and folded. The last thing you want is to arrive home and it would not fit through the door, nor the trunk of your car or in the backseat.

You also do not want a hefty stroller that you have to carry up the stairs or lift onto and off the subway. First determine how heavy it is, and factor in your baby’s weight as well.

2.    What is the height of the handles ?

The handle weight is of utmost importance and it must be suitable to your own height. Also factor in your partner’s height since he will also be using the device. It is no fun to hunch over a stroller or having to reach upwards when pushing it. It can result in all kinds of shoulder and back issues.

Therefore, select a stroller which has an adjustable handle that is also high enough so that your body is not in an abnormal position when pushing it.

3.    Inspect the wheels

Jogger stroller or the larger strollers usually have bigger wheels that is in an immobile position. They are typically more robust, particularly the all-terrain models. They are generally not the types that you use for going to the mall. 

For that, you get strollers with independent wheels which can be locked into position or released to twirl. They offer better manoeuvrability for walking the aisles in a grocery or baby store.

4.    Will you need one or more strollers ?

For some people more than one stroller is required for various situations. For instance, a lightweight choice is more suitable for travel while the full-sized stroller is best for outings around your local neighborhood.

If you prefer to purchase one stroller for your baby, then make certain that you select one that best fits your individual needs. Do not go for one that has features which are not needed.

It is convenient to have a stroller that can accommodate your little one as he grows, but it will not necessarily suit their current size.

5.    Features and accessories

Certain strollers are equipped with additional features while you get those that are very basic. Consider what you can live without and what are the must-haves.

Features like all-terrain wheels, one-handed folding, sunshades, one-handle operation, cup holders, rain covers, and canopies can come in incredibly useful.

However, think about what you require and see whether they come standard with the choice of stroller you’re thinking of getting.

6.    Your budget

A good stroller will not necessarily break the bank. You don’t have to choose a fashionable stroller like the ones used by celebrities or according to the brand. There are various comparable substitutes that does not come with a huge price tag.

When can you put baby in stroller without car seat?

There is no specific age that you can use as a definite guide. However, typically, you must not use your stroller without its car seat until your infant is round about five or six months old. But this is not where it stops. Contingent, on the size of your stroller, you can discontinue using the car seat for small babies if you buy the right stroller.

Even though numerous stroller manufacturers recommend that a convertible car seat must be used for babies younger than six months, some strollers are suitable to be used for small babies.

If you must use a stroller prior to when your baby is old enough to sit up by himself, there are things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the recliner you are purchasing can partially or fully recline.
  • Don’t buy a jogging stroller since they are especially designed for children over six months old. Even though these strollers are ideal for a smooth ride around amusement parks or along the beach, their seats cannot recline.
when can baby sit in stroller

When can baby go in jogging stroller?

Jogging strollers usually comes with a three-wheel design with excellent suspension and all-terrain wheels. With that being said, keep in mind that a baby bounces around more on tougher trails. Other features include:

  • Adjustable height handle
  • Storage pouch
  • Hand brake
  • Wrist strap
  • Weatherproof fabric

It is essential to remember that even the best jogger strollers are not suitable for young infants. Most manufacturers recommend jogging strollers for babies older than six months. 

However, always check with your paediatrician about when your baby is ready to go in a jogging stroller. For some, eight to twelve months might be more appropriate.

Bonus tips on how to keep your baby safe in a stroller


Always ensure the stroller’s base is wide enough to avoid tipping over if your baby leans over its side. Also check if the stroller is not tipping backward once the seat is reclined with your baby inside.


Always make sure your infant is safety strapped in. Most strollers are equipped with three- or five-point harnesses.


The folding mechanism must be in the locked position when used to avoid it accidentally collapsing. Apply the brakes and lock the wheels when they are not rolling.

Little fingers

Make certain that your baby’s fingers are not close to the strollers once you fold or unfold it.

It is not a shopping cart

While some parents are tempted to do this, do not hang your shopping bags or purse over the handles on the stroller. It can cause the device to tip over backwards. Always use a shopping basket that is centered and lower.

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